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Sep. 19th, 2017 06:41 pm
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today, i *finally* managed to finish mowing the far back yard.  for the *second* time this summer.  the problem has been a combination of the weather and the fact that the entire neighborhood drains through my yard.  if it's a dry year, like last year - no problem.  if the weather pattern is 'rain hard enough to produce standing water in the low places of the neighborhood, dry out just enough to tease you about it, rain to produce standing water *again*, lather-rinse-repeat', you get the situation i had this summer - i could barely mow the front yard 3-4 times since june, and haven't been able to *get* to the backyard to mow it at *all* since june.  and the grass here grows like bamboo in the summer rainy season.  as a result, i have enough grass hay to see if i can burn a tree with it (one on the interior of the yard, not the back fence!).  i'm seriously considering doing this as an experiment....

-boogieshoes, kinda lawn-mower stinky right now....

YVR -> YOW & climbing log

Sep. 7th, 2017 01:37 pm
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I am headed home once again -- back to work tomorrow for a one-day work week, then off to Toronto for the weekend. I figured I didn't need to plan on climbing this weekend.

I'm at the airport early -- my flight isn't until 5:50pm -- but with the smoke in the air, there wasn't much point in stopping along the way for sight-seeing. The seeing just wasn't very good.

My climbing log for the week, almost all with Jenna:

Day 1, Wed Aug 30th, arrival day. Find AirBnB, check-in, then a late afternoon of climbing, also with Matt.

Murrin Park - Sugar Loaf. All trad leads:
Magnet - 5.4
Little Spark - 5.4 (was aiming for a 5.6, but chose the wrong line)
The Mechanic - 5.7
Lieback Crack - 5.7
Holiday in Cambodia - 5.8

Day 2.

Cheakamus Canyon, sport lead.
Star Chek - 5.8 (guide says 5.9, but it isn't. Did in 4 pitches instead of 3 with Jenna & Matt)

Smoke Bluffs - mostly trad lead
Easter Island - 5.8
Runestone Pinnacle Right - 5.8
Runestone Pinnacle Left - 5.8 TR
Grani - 5.8
Sigurd - 5.3 follow

Day 3

The Chief - Apron, all trad lead
Rambles - 5.8 (4 pitches, done as 2)
Diedre - 5.8 (6 pitches, lots of line-up)

Day 4

Shannon Falls, AMO Wall, sport lead
The Relish Route - 5.8 (3 pitches, followed P2 )
Ghille Suite - 5.9
The Beaten Zone - 5.9
Petra - 5.9 (couple lead falls)
Into the Mystic P1 - 5.6
Stranger than Friction P1 - 5.8

Murrin Park, The CommonWealth - trad mostly lead (with Jason)
Partners in Grime - 5.8
Tastes Like Chicken - 5.9
Otto Mattock - 5.6
The Total Stinkeye - 5.8 (follow)
Ancient Squamish Secret - 5.9
Hungry, Hungry Hippoes - 5.10a (follow)

Day 5

Cheakamus Canyon, Conroy's Castle - almost all sport lead
Emil and the Detectives - 5.8 (two pitches, followed pitch 2)
Charlotte's Web - 5.9 (two pitches)
A Child's Christmas in Wales - 5.4 (online guide says 5.6 - no way, followed)
Kingfishers Catch Fire - 5.8

Day 6

Murrin Park, various crags, mostly trad lead
Beginner's Luck - 5.6
Jugs Not Drugs - 5.8 (sport)
Up From the Bog - 5.8
Focus - 5.7
Stihl Cleaning - 5.8
Smells Like Fir - 5.8
Otto Mattock - 5.6 (follow)
Top Ramen - 5.7
50 Lashes With a Wet Noodle - 5.8+
All You Can Eat Pasta Buffet - 5.6

Day 7

Shannon Falls Wall - mostly trad lead
Klahani Crack - 5.7
Split Decision - 5.10a (TR)
Skywalker - 5.8 (5 pitches) - then hiked up to the pools on Shannon Falls

Day 8 (with Jason)

Cheakamus Canyon - Whiskeyjack Wall - all sport
Attitude is Everything - 5.8
Danielle's Throne - 5.10a
Plumber's Crack - 5.10c (TR, one fall)
Brock 'n' Roll - 5.10b (lead, one fall)
Angel on My Shoulder - 5.10b (lead, one fall)

All-in-all, 8 days in a row of climbing, and I'm still feeling pretty good.


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